We have a simple goal at Web System Solution Consulting, WSSC, ...... bridge the Digital Divide literally!

Acquiring a legacy system many clients have found out is not the completion of their migration to the electronic arena, many businesses have come to realize rather bitterly that a legacy system is like a car, it comes Basic; if you want the extras, it takes more time and resources. In designing the systems, the designers may not have factored in your company's idiosyncrasies and your other applications i.e. the fact that your LPOs are generated on a separate system, or that the Tracking or inventory system needs to communicate with the new system.

Porting these systems then become a challenge, consultants and clients then yell at each other, accusations of withheld information are levied at both parties, project costs are over shot. This is why every year $billions is spent re-customizing software.

At WSSC we give our customers the opportunity to leverage, by building bridges between any other system and their new legacy software acquisition, thereby saving on Man hours, project cost, and potential business losses.